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Running Horse Repairs is a service that can provide solutions to your everyday tack problems. From mending bridle, head collars, reins, and some saddle work to making quality made-to-measure bridles, dog collars, belts and more.
Working from a small workshop in Kent, I use traditional skills that have remained the same for centuries. I work with beautiful English leather hides and all my work is hand stitched.

Well made & well fitting tack can have its life extended by sympathetic repairing as well as regular cleaning.
When a bridle or leather girth is used, it loses some of its protective hollow (fat) content, due to the heat and sweat from the horse. This results in the leather becoming dry and brittle.
So every time you clean your tack, check over the stitching and weak points. Well cared for supple leather has a lesser chance of breaking in normal use than neglected leather.

About Me

In 2010 I started my education in bridlework at the Cumbria School of Saddlery. I completed a Safe Repairs course in 2011 and have been carrying out repairs and making new items for family and friends ever since.I became a Mum in Jan 2011 so it is only now I have some time to setup my bridlework and repairs service. I hope to gain more qualifications in the future to enable me to work more with saddles.

All my work is made using locally sourced English leather and is hand stitched. Whether I am carrying out repair work or starting a brand new project, I find both give me a great satisfaction knowing they will provide years of service.

I started riding when I was 8 years old at a local riding school. I have always had a great love for animals and after school I went to college to study Animal Science. I then decided to travel to America to work at a summer camp which specialised in horse riding, I learnt a great deal from this experience and I also caught the travel bug. Although I've never owned my own horse I have ridden many different horses whilst travelling around the world. I had the priviledge in 2008 to ride the majestic Marwari horses across India for a charity ride, a trip I will never forget. I have worked at a local riding school as a groom/instructor and also the RSPCA. I like that I can be connected to horses and see my work in action.

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Contact Me

Please contact me for any further information, quotes or to discuss your requirements, providing me with as much detail as you can such as sizes, colours etc and photos (where applicable) and i will get back to you as soon as possible.